Yearly Archives: 2008


chinaMy friend Jerlin will go on a vacation next year. They will go to China and then to Cebu Philippines and yes I am jealous. The tickets are just so ridiculously expensive. Even if I have to save of two years worth, it won’t still enough. Especially in our current economy. The airlines kept raising their airfares. I just don’t think middle people can afford traveling nowadays.

Even with envious feelings, I told my friend to consider getting a travel insurance when going to China since she and her husband are not very familiar of that country. It is very important though to plan about the trip very well. They need to know the nearest hospital that they can go to if there’s any emergency. Also the insurance will help cover the costs. I just think it is important to be prepared at all times especially when traveling into foreign places. I hope that they will have fun on their trip.