Standing Up

My Christmas Tree is finally up! My husband came home last night and the first thing he said is that”We are going to put the Christmas Tree up!”. I was hoping that he’d forget about it but he was persistent plus, with my kids help  I said.. “Fine!”.

I just didn’t feel like doing it coz there was only 3 days til and I think it is just a hassle to put it up and then just to take it down after Christmas. They said that we can have it standing still until after New Year. Oh well, it was 4 against 1 of course they won!

I helped a little bit but they did most of the work. We still have the decorations given from my aunt-in law. You can see the wood stockings and the gingerbread man hanging on my tree. They actually made it from scratch and was given to us for Ethan’s First Christmas. We love home made crafts and gifts so there’s no way we will throw it out or give it away.

I was more busy at the kitchen cooking for supper. I checked on them once in a while and helped them decorate. I had to admit I had fun a little bit… sure a lot! I am still thinking if they will take their bargain in helping me when it’s time to take that Christmas Tree down. It’s all fun and dandy putting it up but it’s so dreadful and time consuming when it comes of taking it down. One of my endeavor during Christmas Season is the issue of Christmas Tree~

Yesterday I was craving for a steak and there’s no way I can grill outside so I ended up broiling it. I marinade the steaks early morning and broil it when my family was busy decorating the tree. I spun some salad and made some Sautéed Mushroom. I have the recipe posted in my Delish blog so try if u want.

Anyway, got to go & get me something to eat for lunch. That’s  my drama for today :)Tc !~


Tight Pants

I don’t know if I can say it’s okay for me that my favorite pair of pants is getting tighter . I just hate gaining weight! I limit my portions and all I get is more fat? I have to watch myself more coz it’s the Holidays and we will be cooking for Holidays meals, I definitely have to discipline myself. My friend is currently taking diet pills to help her suppress her appetite and help her loose extra weight. I haven’t tried it coz I am afraid to take one. She saiid she always consult her doctor before taking anything but I am  still skeptical plus my husband won’t allow it. Not that I always follow him but I also respect his opinion and he is only looking after my own good. I love food and I like cooking, I just have to be more strict with portions and think about loosing pounds by exercising!~


Easy Saturday

I woke up early today because I promised my kids a big breakfast. I was a bit disappointed because I don’t have all the needed ingredients for a big breakfast. I used all my onions yesterday for a pot roast. I don’t have bell peppers, mushroom and other stuff I needed; I could go to the store but just too lazy to drive. I managed to make us  a breakfast anyway.

I made some fried taters with bacon and scrambled eggs, Blueberry & Chocolate Chip Pancakes. I am glad that my family loved what I made them.

The boys had an early Winter Break. The school called yesterday and canceled the class due to bad weather. Of course they were ecstatic about it. They will resume on January 5th of next year. Shaun is at his classmate’s b-day party and my other 2 kids are busy playing computer and video games.

I am so glad that they forgot to pressure me about putting up the Christmas tree last night. I just don’t want to put it up this year and they kept pressuring. Then again, they always forget later on. Anyway gotta go for now . Enjoy the weekends:)~

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