Goin’ Gaga

Tonight will be the anticipated night for hopefools hopefuls like me! I don’t think I’ll win it but I just couldn’t help to get into the action of  taking a chance in getting lucky! The powerball jackpot tonight is running up to &550,000,000! Yes that is a lot and actually this will be the second highest payout after the Megamillions $600,000,000 +  last March.  As the loot increases, it  just make the people go crazy in purchasing more and more lottery tickets but come to think of it, there’s only going to be 1 lucky set of numbers that will win and the odd of winning it is still going to be the same; but that didn’t stop any hopefuls ! Can you imagine all the things you can do and buy with all that money? You can buy your dream house with a big yard & lounging  by your pool while puffing the big fattysancho panza, not worrying about setting your alarm clock only to go to the job you hate? Sure you can buy almost everything and life would be wonderful with no financial problems but it can also be overwhelming & very scary. The main thing for the lucky winner whoever it might be ( hopefully me!) is that to remember that it is a blessing that should be given a serious thought and that it shouldn’t change you for the worst and that you should control yourself and set to moderation! But these are easily said than done but really goodluck to all of us hopefools hopefuls, may the luckiest person win!