Image taken by me, hosted @ Photobucket Winter break is almost over and we need to get back into our regular sleeping routine. I am as bad as my children when it come to sleeping late during school breaks; probably worse! I guess I should include sleeping control in my resolution list because I really need to break that habit.. after all I am a mother.

That picture is my Greenish Friday post and speaking of that picture, I have to eat all the fruit in my bowl of plenty. I can’t recollect on how many days should I wait before I devour or throw it all away! I don’t think it should stay too long because these are all perishable and I don’t want fruits leaking all over my table. I also have this huge papaya to get into and if I can’t eat it all I might bludgeon it to mushy paste and make a facial mask & thus makes a special bonding spa time between me & my baby girl ^-^