Image from PhotobucketIt’s the 2nd Saturday of the year and here’s my entry for Saturday 9′s We Owned the Night!

1) Can you recall a time when you danced and romanced like you “owned the night?”
* I can recall the time when I danced with my cousin and friends like we owned the night!

2) Samantha Winters admits she earned the name “Crazy Sam” during her party girl days in the 1980s. But now she’s in bed by 11:00 PM. Do you have a regular bedtime?
* yeah like 10 pm!

3) Lady Antebellum is one of the most popular acts in country music. Do you often listen to country music?
* Ugh I like to avoid it as much as I can country songs are more depressing than I want it to be!

4) Are you responding to this meme on a desktop or laptop or phone or tablet?
* laptop!

5) How often do you check your horoscope?
* not much.. only when I am extremely bored!

6) Congratulations! You just won a trip to Switzerland! Is your passport up to date?
*Oh yeah!

7) Do you know how to snow ski?
* Ahhh No!

8) What’s the first beverage you drink in the morning?
* water!

9) Are you a good speller?
* I guess I am :)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!