Image taken by me, hosted at PhotobucketIt’s “Spring Break” for my kids and they are enjoying the time off from school. We went to a sleepover last Saturday, my daughter & I to my friend’s house. It was more of an adult sleepover since there were only three children with us. There was that snowstorm that we weren’t so keen about and really felt bad by rushing to go back home last Sunday, afraid of having to deal with the bad road condition.

Anyway, I am glad that my daughter is feeling better after that nasty stomach flu she had. I don’t know what happened but I am just glad that she is better and hoping that she won’t be sick anymore. I want her
happy and well just like her normal self. I made that ribbon scarf for her last week, I wanted to make one with a sashay yarn but she chose the ribbon instead so I did what she wanted. I am waiting for my magic pen to arrive this week because I have a project to make and I would like to involve my children with it and I’m sure that it will be fun.

Lastly, I am very excited that it’s March because my favorite Game of Thrones is coming back!!!Oooo Mmmm Gggg! I read the books and it entertained me at night but I just wanted the show to be on!I just can’t wait to watch what will happen to all the characters and also I am wondering if this season will be base on a couple of books because I really want to see what I read on those books and it would be satisfying to see Cersei Lannister’s fate on TV. Speaking of TV, I still need to buy another computer to hook to my TV downstairs and one of those cool mounts like what you can find at Premier Mounts Store. I kept on forgetting to buy one when I have extra $$ and this year I won’t forget it! So anyway, here’s the extended trailer of the the upcoming season.