Image taken by me, hosted @PhotobucketI had a great time with my friends yesterday. We didn’t really have a big get together but just an impromptu delicious lunch and colloquial conversations between friends.  We talked about all sorts of things like the recent trip to the maternity ward, doctors, children, weddings, marriages, weather conditions and of course food! We had humba(braised pork), grilled squid, fish and noodles to satisfy our palates. There was some binignit and the cookies and choco flan I brought for dessert.- I finally made the choco flan ( aka the Impossible Cake ). I had to bring Mariella one for tomorrow coz I have been telling her about it and I kept on delaying it and she was looking forward to trying a piece, so I have to give her some.

We then proceed to visit the new parents and despite of the hospital anxiety, carpeted floors, chemical smells and dreary walls fashioned with framed needle-works, baby pictures and otoscopes, the excitement of new babies still conquer it all. Maternity ward is the only….almost happy place in the hospital because of beautiful newborns.

Afterwards we then came back to eating this time we were eating it for dinner! Yes it was fun and delicious and I am looking forward to doing it again :)