Spring Thing

Image from PhotobucketI’ve been watching some shows in my phone and since it’s a network app, I had to watch a couple of the sponsor’s ads and it’s about home improvement. It made me think that it’s about that time of the year when we have to force  inspire ourselves to get  up and do something about the house.  I have been thinking about tending the yard and maybe pull some weed out and we definitely have to start cutting the tree branches to a certain size in order to be able to toss it unto the yard trash bin.  I also know that I need to do something with our flower bed and I have been whining about it for years but never did anything about it!

We do need to paint some of our exterior beams but I will leave that to my husband’s to do list because I will not do it myself! What else? I need to gather all the clothes that should be given away to charity.  I also need to gather some books for the book drive and just clean! I may have to get some new window treatments and also I would like to have one of those cool led window candles. I saw a house that has those things by my children’s school and at night it looked so pretty.  There are more things on the list but I just want to do the yard cleaning  and definitely put some flowers around the house, I just wish that we’ll have a week full of sunshine so we can actually do the things that are needed to be done around the house ^-^.

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