I ♥ Nirvana

Image from PhotobucketI wish I was here when Nirvana came out.. I was a 90′s chick and that was some good grunge years.I ♥ all their music and like anybody who understands their music? It really reached into your core through and through.. that is why they will never be forgotten and their music will live on forever!

Too bad I don’t know how to play the guitar. We have one but it is too big! Maybe we should sell my son’s electric guitar and get a smaller but beautiful perhaps one of those lag guitars? I know my son got discouraged on the way his old guitar feel, too heavy and too big. Maybe we can let him try another one and I might learn with him.
And here is one of my favorite Nirvana song.. the awesome ” THe Man Who Sold the World”… Enjoy!